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This On-Demand Radiation Protection Supervisor (RPS) training course from Aurora is suitable for all those who will be appointed as an RPS within their organisation or require refresher training. The RPS training course has been designed to give the attendee a full understanding of the role and duties of the RPS. The course is suitable for work with electrically generated sources, like x-rays or particle accelerators, or radioactive material emitting alpha, beta, gamma or neutron radiation, whether that be in the form of sealed or unsealed sources.

The course gives an awareness of the risks to health created by exposure to ionising radiation, the general radiation protection procedures and precautions which should be taken in connection with work with ionising radiation, and the importance of complying with the relevant legislation, most notably the Ionising Radiations Regulations 2017. The course is split into a number of modules each with its own associated quiz.

Topics include: why radiation protection is important; the role of the RPS, what ionising radiation is; roles and responsibilities; biological effects; radiation in perspective; principles of dose reduction; legislation; restriction of exposure; radiation risk assessment; local rules; measurement of ionising radiation; and personal dosimetry.

You can take as much time as you need (log out and log back in at any time and continue where you left off), and once you have completed all the quizzes you will be able to download your certificate. It should be noted that this course is for general awareness and is not a radiation protection supervisor (RPS) course (which requires further depth of knowledge) and does not include detail on technical procedures specific to individual organisations.

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